FRACGP, MBBS, PhD, DCH,AdvC SKM, CAdv Dermoscopy.

Originally obtaining his Medical Degree in Beijing, China, Dr Xu had PhD training in Cardiovascular Disease before moving to Australia in 2004. Here, in his varied roles in Medical Research, hospital and general practice, he began to see the enormous need for preventative Skin Cancer management for our population, and so his special interest was keenly developed.

Having gained vital experience in Skin Cancer screening and surgical management in the past few years, Dr Xu saw the need for specialised care in Cardinia Shire, and was driven to open his own clinic in Pakenham. Priding himself on using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment for his patients, it is his friendly and caring manner that is the heart of OZ Skin Cancer Clinics.

With his passion for prevention and education, Dr Xu’s philosophy for OZ Skin Cancer Clinics is to spread awareness about the importance of early detection and making skin health a priority in each person’s life.

With his friendly and supportive team, Dr Xu welcomes you to OZ Skin Cancer Clinics, Pakenham. Book your appointment here.